When I see you,
I see your young, tender skin,
If I touched you would you giggle,
or shy away,
Leaving me to say my hand slipped,
When all i want to do is be close to your heart.

-Gordon H. Fenn
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"Return to the dust, and a million.."

Do you dream of unhappiness
A child unkempt has left the nest
Before the field of broken Dreams
Shattered hopes, and peace serene
Come into one's own, and forget not
ethereal passages, suspicious plots
be clean, be pure, be white as snow
show faith and love with promise in tow
Live but don't forget to give 3's and 4's two's and ones
but faithless jobs to weight a ton
Embrace the foolish, wise alike
Progression deems our fates alike
Be honest, be still, be chaste, be true
Les humanity get the best of you
don't dawdle, don't stand, stagnant, still
Progression halted life unfulfilled
Pain and pleasure needed strife but joy is in love pure delight
Roundabout we reach our goals, but each direction takes it's toll
look across the burning sands, across the rolling seas
find beauty and purpose in returning to these.

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What do you do when you think about me?
What kind of thoughts plague your mind ?
I don't have the strength left the has to end.
My part in this liaison, was more than it should have been
I don't want you to leave my side I really want your touch
I see visions of happiness, illusions I hope they pass
I know that in my heart this thing could never last....


Your everything
that's let me down
though I can't help but
look at you and smile

You melt the heart of me
I hate it, and how you burn me consistently

All I want is
some respect
but you use me and atry to manipulate my
kindness to weakness

For all the fake kindness
you've shown to get me in bed
I know every plot that's inside your head

and now all you have to do is beg....

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My poetic mind
shapes my poetic view
the world i'm in
tested, tried, and true

I don't enjoy it's stealthy ways
it creeps into my heart
and in my eyes I feel it's gaze

It's behind, in front
anywhere it can fit in
to tear down my walls
and rip me to shreds

seeping seething
plotting creeping
like in my heart
I feel it's beating

I need shelter
from this storm
the world bombards me
but my shell is hard

Can I withstand
the hurt the shame?
lose or win
the worlds the same...
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Hey all you people who want to know what this is about well it's confessions..without fear of judgement it's about first immpressions with out bigotryor prejudgement Xpose the real you to be appreciated and vent about the way your misjudged!